Astartes Grav-Chute


Requisiton: 5

On occasion, Space Marine Scout Squads must deploy stealthily, unable to utilise more common methods like teleportation or drop pods. Under those unusual circumstances, the Scouts utilise an Astartes grav-chute. Grav-chutes rely on suspensor fields to counter gravity and slow descent. Unlike a jump pack, which allows the user to leap into the air, a grav chute’s lower power output only allows for a safe, guided fall such as a combat drop from a transport. It allows for a safe fall from any height.

Jumping from a stationary platform requires a Challenging (+0) Agility test.
Jumping from a moving vehicle requires a Difficult (-10) Agility test.
Jumping from a fast moving vehicle requires a Hard (-20) Agility test.
Bad weather, high winds, or combat raises the difficulty by -10 (cumulative).


Astartes Grav-Chute

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