Heavily bionic augmented in a metal-over-flesh motif. Paullian bears the Iron Skull, in rust red, upon his helmet and his custom augmetics were designed to to give him a full foot of height above the average Astartes.


Name: Paullian

Chapter: Iron Hands

Specialty: Techmarine Rank: 5 Personal Demeanor: Furious
Chapter Demeanor: Iron and HATE Past: Service in the Fleet
Renown: 57 Xp Spent:30,410 To spend: 310


Non Armor WS 42 BS 50 S(8)60 T(17)80 AG 35 Int 56 Per 39 WP 42 Fel 37
Armor WS 42 BS 60* S(10)80 T(17)80 AG 35 Int 56 Per 39 WP 42 Fel 37
Wounds: 23 Fate: 3 Corruption: - Movement: Half 4 Full 10 Charge 13 Run 22

Trained Skills:
Ciphers (Chapter Runes,Deathwatch, Xenos) 56% Int
Climb 70% S
Command 37% Fel
Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch, Imperium, War) 66% ( +10 connected)Int
Concealment (Power Armor -30) 56% AG
Demolition 56% INT
Dodge 56% Ag
Drive (ground vehicles) 56% ( +10 MIU) AG
Evaluate 56% Int
Forbidden Lore(Xenos, Archeotech, Adeptus Mechanicus) 56% Int
Intimidate 70% S
Literacy 56% Int
Navigation 56% (Surface) Int
Pilot (Personal) 56% AG
Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes) 56% Int
Search 39% PER
Security 56% ( +30 Multikey, +10 Hands) AG
Silent Move (Power Armor -30) 56% AG
Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic) 56% Int
Tactics (Armour) 56% Int
Tracking 56% Int
Trade (Forge-Master) 56% Int

Trained 10%
Awareness 47% (Heightened Senses +10, Armor{Helmet} +10, Auspex +20) Per

Trained 20%

Tech-Use 76% ( +10 while connected, +10 MIU, +10 Hands, +10 Combi-tool) INT

Basic Skills:
Barter 17% Fel
Carouse 30% T
Charm 17% Fel
Contortionist 25% Ag
Deceive 17% Fel
Disguise 17% Fel
Evaluate 28% Int
Gamble 28% Int
Inquiry 17% ( +10 MIU, +10 connected) Fel
Intimidate 40% S
Logic 28% ( +10 MIU) Int
Lore: Common (all) 28% Int
Scrutiny 17% Per
Swim 40% S

Space Marine Deeds, Talents & Traits:
Ambidextrous, Astartes Weapons Training, Bulging Biceps, Heightened Senses(Hearing,Sight), Killing Strike, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance(Psychic Powers), True Grit, Unarmed Master, Unnatural Strength(x2), Unnatural Toughness(x2), Deathwatch Training, Electro-Graft Use, Mechadendrite Use (Servo), Mechanicus Implants, Logis Implant, Autosanguine, Air of Authority, The Flesh is Weak 3, Signature War Gear (Storm Shield w/ Dipole Mag-locks) [Second in Command], [Magos’ Honour Guard], [Jaws of Intellect] [Mental Ascension] Improve Cover, [Machine], Sprint, Hatred (CSM, Orks, Tyranids), Weapon Tech, Technical Knock, Infused Knowledge, Luminen Charge, Talented [Tech-use], Machinator Array (Master: Breaching Auger “Helixus”),


Name Damage Pen Range ROF Clip RLD Req Special
Astartes Bolter 2d10+ 5X 5 100m S/2/4 28 Full - Tearing
Astartes Pistol 2d10+ 5X 5 30m S/3/- 14 Full - Tearing
Astartes Combat Knife 1d10+ 12R 2 - - - - - Tearing
Astartes Chainsword* 1d10+ 14R 2 - - - - - Tearing
Astartes Meltagun 2D10+8 13(26) 20m S/-/- 6 2 Full 20 x2 Pen @ 10m
Servo-Arm Exc 2D10+16R 10 1.5 - - - 30 +10 Grapple, Tearing

- Power Armor -
Mk VII Power Armor (Strength +20)(Heightened Senses Sight and Hearing= +10)
History: Death From Afar

Armor Points
Head: 19 (1-10)
Body: 19 {25} (31-70)
Right Arm: 19 (11-20)
Left Arm: 19 {25} (21-30)
Right Leg: 19 (71-85)
Left Leg: 19 (86-100)

Astartes power armour, Astartes bolt pistol, 3 Astartes frag grenades, 3 Astartes krak grenades, Astartes combat knife, repair cement, Armor modifications: Integral Grav Chute, Integral Combi-Tool, Exceptional Bionics: Arms +10 Str, Legs {Sprint}, MIU, Auger Array +20 Awareness (w/ reroll on failures) & Servo-Arm
Requisition Gear: Melta Gun w/ chainblade, Multi-Key

Iron Hands solo mode ability:
Suffer No Weakness

Type: Passive
Required Rank: 1
Effects: Space Marines of the Iron Hands Chapter find
strength in bolstering their bodies with augmetics and bionics.
Harnessing cold fury and hatred into their assaults, the Iron
Hands are powerful warriors. Once per combat, the Battle-
Brother may select a single enemy. For the duration of the
combat, the Battle-Brother gains the Hatred Talent against
his chosen foe and gains a bonus to Damage equal to one-half
(rounding up) of his unmodified Intelligence Bonus.
Improvements: At Rank 3, the Battle-Brother gains the
Sturdy Trait; the Battle-Brother must possess at least 4
cybernetics. At Rank 5, all Interaction Skill Tests used against
the Battle-Brother suffer a –30 penalty; the Battle-Brother
must possess at least 5 cybernetics. At Rank 7, the Battle-
Brother gains the Undying Trait; the Battle-Brother must
possess at least 6 cybernetics.
Note: For this Solo Mode Ability, The Flesh Is Weak Talent
counts its level as an equal number of cybernetics. Thus, a
Space Marine with The Flesh Is Weak 3 and 2 cybernetics
would count as having 5 cybernetics for the purposes of this
Solo Mode Ability.

Iron and Hate

Iron and Hate is a Demeanour unique to Space Marines from the Iron Hands Chapter.
The Battle-Brothers of the Iron Hands appear to many as something of a contradiction, one which grows more extreme as more of their flesh is shorn from their bodies and replaced with cold steel. Those Iron Hands that have undergone many augmetics treatments appear coldly inanimate in their expressions, their voices replaced by monotone vox-casters and their bionic eyes unblinking. Yet, in truth, they seethe inside with an anger that grows stronger with age and experience, becoming ever purer as more and more flesh is replaced.
Iron Hands brethren abhor any trace of weakness, even more so than other Chapters. They are extremely puritanical in their drive to identify and purge weakness, and they are damning when they perceive it in others around them. They are quick to anger, even if their anger is sometimes expressed in coldly flat, mechanical tones. They are blunt and uncaring of any offence they might give in their criticisms of others, even the staunchest of allies. When confronted with allies who themselves are quick to anger, it is not unheard of for bitter arguments to erupt, and even for blows to be struck.
In battle, the Iron Hands are coldly resolute, seemingly unmoved by their own losses. They utilise their anger and their hatred of weakness, identifying their enemy’s vulnerabilities and exploiting them ruthlessly. While the Iron Hands seek ultimately to purge and militate against what they perceive as their own weakness, they also seek out the weakness in their foes in order to punish it without mercy.