Proud Space Marine, heavily decorated in trappings of honor and distinction.


WS 44
BS 44
S 80 (10)
T 51 (10)
A 53
I 54
P 44
W 50
F 70

Wounds (max): 25
Renown: 50 (Distinguished)
Command: 120%
Forbidden Lore Xenos: 64%
Tactics: (any) 37%
Tactics: (recon + stealth) 64%
Scholastic Lore: (Codex Astartes) 64%
Rapid Reaction
Rapid Reload

Solo Mode Abilities:
Student of the Codex- Tactics (any) as a basic skill. Start combat with a relevant tactics test and gain re-rolls equal to 1+ the number of degrees of success.
Favored Son- Reroll any feloowship tests with Adeptus Astartes, +1 to cohesion, 1x/combat automatically pass 1 command test.

Squad Mode Attack Options:
Lead By Example- Fellowship bonus (7) to all tests, also 1 re-roll per round
Coordinated Strike- +2 to damage an enemy that has already taken damage as a result of coordinated strike
Synchronized Assault- Roll initiative, reset order

Squad Mode Defense Options:
Rally Cry- Restores cohesion equal to fellowship bonus (7)
Tactical Withdrawal- Move up to agility bonus in one direction (as disengage)
Considered Defense- Choose, change as a free action
+4 armor bonus from cover
Move up to agility bonus as a free action


Claudius carries himself tall, often heedless of cover or stealth, to serve as an example to his fellow Astartes. He obsessively maintains his armor with marks of pride, bears pristine heraldic depictions, and is bedecked with sashes, a helmet crest and banner display. [Cower Not Before the Enemy]

974 Claudius served as a scout during the Fall of Damnos; whereby surviving, he earns his black carapace.

976 He is rotated out of the Second Company, and into service against Hivefleet Perseus. Claudius stood with Marneus Calgar, where he was decorated by the future Commander of the Ultramarines.

976-996 Calgar sent Claudius to serve in the Company of Honor at the Cadian Gate during the time of the Second Tyrannic War.

996 Claudius fought against the Eldar at Orar’s Sepulchre (also with Calgar) on Commrath right before he was seconded to Deathwatch. [Tactical Experience]

997 Claudius fights in the third Tyrannic War [Tyrannic War Veteran]

998 After completing two years, Claudius was asked by Marneus Calgar to resume his Apocryphon Oath and return to Deathwatch, this time in Jehrico Reach [Return to Duty]


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