Deathwatch- Dawn of a New Millenium

Deathwatch Mission Journal

Session 1

Pre-planning stages went well, and the general stratagem survived planetfall. Secure the central chinampas atoll by utilizing the archeotech and demolishing the manufactorum. Several Orks engaged us, and although there were no confirmed kills, we suppressed these skirmishers before the hordes engaged. Our techmarine and apothecary entered the administratum building and began to interface with the cogitation banks inside. Although the librarian and assault marine were unable to execute their entry into the manufactorum, they were instrumental in keeping the foul xenos at bay.

Plan update- Brother Joe should set off a charge on the southeastern portion of the manufactorum building, as we fall back, the orks will continue to advance. The blast might catch more orks, it will allow us entry into the frame of the building. Other suggestions?


After considering the information just presented to us, and the knowledge contained within the Codex Astartes, I have developed a comprehensive plan for the mission. We will have a vox uplink as well as ongoing orbital surveillance to alert us to concentrations of the enemy movement. I propose we adopt the [[Oath of Duty]] to provide us with the widest available combat options. Considerations, questions and clarifications should occur here: [[Mission: Kelly Exodus]]

  • Deploy to exfil site with grav-chutes, where necessary
  • Brothers Joe, Yarika and Ymir will conduct a sweep reconnaissance in the wake of the cabal assassins while Brother Paullian commands the archeotech to raise several of the bridges connecting the chianmpas, so as to funnel the orks into zones of enfilading fire, and a series of ambushes which might include trip-wires and setting up range markers (my responsibility)
  • Defensive zones will be established in the central area as the demolitions for the exfil site are arranged.
  • Explosives and other ambush tactics will be arranged around the funnel we have created.
  • Bolster our defenses and engage concealment tactics as we set off the main charges, which we want to act as a beacon for the orks, assuming they have not detected our presence earlier.
  • We defend the exfil site. (Here is one point of plan we can discuss on the forum: Would we prefer to mount a mobile, fall-back defensive stance, or a static defense of the central chinampas?)
  • Exfiltrate the Inquisition, and their package.
  • Debrief and assess mission

[[Claudius]] has descriptions of the squad mode abilities I can extend to the team (range with assistance from Brother Ymir is 60 meters). We will begin by synchronizing the assault, and then engaging in a coordinated strike so as to fell as many of the enemy as possible (if single targets can be identified; otherwise, we engage the horde). Once we make our presence known, I can then engage a Considered Defense. When the objectives have been met, we begin a tactical withdrawal.

Unless previously noted with different orders, once the main fighting begins, fire-teams are as follows:
Fire Team A- Claudius, Joe, Paullian
Fire Team B- Beavolio, Yarika, Ymir

Deathwatch Mission Journal

Obviously, not enough incense. The broken links above are as follows:
[[Oath of Duty]]
[[Mission: Kelly Exodus]]

Deathwatch Mission Journal

As a side note brothers, I am ordering you (especially Brothers Ymir and Yarika) to watch the Inquisition forces very closely and to learn all we can about both them and the the mission they are engaged in. If we are to be seconded to this Inquisitor, I would know more about them.

Deathwatch Mission Journal

Yarika: Brother Claudis, I believe a static hold of the area is necessary. If we allow the Xenos to gain a foothold at or around the exfiltration site we may experience difficulties. The Orks could take cover or hold up in the local structures. With our parameters I believe we will have greater success setting up and holding the central atoll.

Deathwatch Mission Journal

I second that, By solidifying the extraction zone to use as our primary hard point, we maintain a solid location to regroup at and from which to launch surgical strikes at prime targets as they present themselves.

In the name of the Emperor and Sanguinous, This planet is the providence of mankind and no foul alien shall sully its surface!

The Emperor Protects !

Deathwatch Mission Journal

Brothers, what may have seemed squeals and feedback from the Spectromancer did, in fact, contain some data encoded in Techna-Lingua. It provided supplemental classification of the Xenos opposition. Simply put, these Orks are smarter, tougher and generally acknowledged as just plain nastier. The extraction makes sense in light of these aberrations and reaffirms the importance of our main objective. Sarge, my professional recommendation is, bring extra ammo.

Deathwatch Mission Journal

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