Deathwatch- Dawn of a New Millenium

The Tortured

The Tortured

“Brothers of the Deathwatch, I welcome you to your salvation, your truest chance for peace” came an echoing voice. Dozens of whispering voices came along with the echo, each offering comfort, renewal, and even forgiveness. While the voices seemed to come from everywhere, the speakers could be seen nowhere.

Yarika, Ymir, and Gadreel created a triangular cover formation as they landed first on sputtering tails of flame. Yarika landed, brought up his customized Stalker boltrifle, and did a quick scan of his quadrant all in one motion. In nearly a mirror of the apothecary, Gadreel came down simultaneously wielding a Conflagration-pattern meltagun. The librarian, Ymir, came down as well but hovered for a moment as he covered the descent of two his battle brothers.

Claudius and Sobcheck free climbed across the rent in the ceiling almost thirty meters up. The Ultramarine jumped more than five meters through the air to catch part of the facility’s ruined superstructure that jutted out of the western wall. From there the giant warrior slid down a series of pipes and conduits to land among his collected brothers and the floor. With a light flourish Claudius twisted his powersword around his wrist and snap drew his bolter. Claudius slowly panned his head slowly taking in the whole chamber in a few moments.

The heavily armed Beav’Star Sobcheck of the Salamanders perched on a torn ventilation chute. The techmarine, Paullian, floated by Sobcheck using his integrated grav-chute. Paullian stopped to hover about five meters from the Salamander. Like a three meter coiled spring releasing, Sobcheck launched himself through the air toward his waiting battle brother floating with an out stretched hand. As the heavily laden devastator approached the two marine caught each other’s hands and in a hard twist Paullian caught Sobcheck and helped him cover the remaining five meters to the waiting wreckage three meters below. Sobcheck landed hard and slid down the wreckage to come to stand within a half meter of his squad leader. In one step he stood up, drew his multi-melta, braced the weapon, and set the charge to maximal.

The Iron Hands’ techmarine followed Sobcheck’s descent while continuing the scan the twisted chamber. In one sweep his instruments recorded and transmitted images and a rough map of the area to the other members of the killteam. The story of this place was rounding out in his mind with the assistance of his logis implant. Paullian began to make connections from his observations, readings, and newly discovered information about this Jupitauran facility. This was done purposely, someone knew how to operate, alter, and eventually sabotage the archeotechnology nearly a millennia ago. Off all the aspects of this situation he understood, Paullian still had one question… Why? With a thud Paullian landed next to Claudius. As he prepared to vox the killteam he detected thirteen contacts.

“Here my ladies can help you cut away the layers of treachery. They will rip out your deepest fears. You can remove your cowardice and we can all simply forget about your great dishonour” came a sultry, yet masculine voice. What sounded like purring of felines followed as shadows of over a dozen forms could be seen around the pocket of Slaanesh’s own corner of the Warp. In a flash the shadows had form and had covered half the distance to the Astartes’ formation.

Claudius I of the Ultramarines had fought the forces of Chaos for hours at this point. He was disgusted by what he had seen. He was saddened by having to be put in the position to levy judgment upon his chapter’s traitor. And most of all he was tired of listening to heretics, the possessed, and daemons spew their dark speech. He was finished listening. He spoke.

Killteam Claudius, the order is given. Kill them all.



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