Deathwatch- Dawn of a New Millenium

The Pyre Burns

Exterior: The void, a dim blue sun, an ugly greyish white world, four similarly ugly moons, and two space fleets trading fire in the middle of it all.

Camera will zoom in on a large Imperial battle barge, The Ebon Zealot, is the midst of a small Imperial fleet. Weapons along the starboard fire away at intermittent intervals. Two smaller vessels, collide as they attempt dodging incoming Stigmartus missiles.

Interior (bridge of The Ebon Zealot): The Bridge is full of smoke and small fires, but the crew is stalwart and supremely disciplined. In the center of it all stand three black clad giants on a dais nearly ten meters above the bridge crew.

Watch Captain Kail Vibius: Spread the line out. We have elements getting far too close to one another. Lance fire to the light picket in quadrant six. Bring missiles to return fire at the Stigmartus flagship. Shosan, transmit fleet status and current auspex readings to the killteam. I want a situation report from Claudius.

Equerry Shosan: Yes, Captain, as you will it. Copying all, firing, firing, and contacting.

Exterior (Stigmartus fleet): Four vicious looking attack ships explode as a fusillade of lance fire tears into their open flanks. The monstrous red and black flagship, a space hulk retasked by the Stigmartus, sits at the center of the cultist fleet. Volleys of Imperial missiles crash into the flagship leaving much of its fore section ablaze.

Many of the Stigmartus ships begin to fall back behind the nearest of Nytt Hopp’s moons.

The camera pans across the open void to the Imperial fleet. The fire from the Imperial ships slows, then stops as squadrons of Imperial fighters cut across the void.

Interior (bridge of The Ebon Zealot): The Deathwatch marine in a black, hooded robe looks at a series of hololith images before him.

Keeper Azrakael: The Killteam has received the updates, they are within one hundred meters of the Tower of Skulls, and according to this they just eliminated The Exemplars of Blood.


The Stigmartus forces are falling back and redeploying along their trench line. The killteam will be within the Stigmartus firing solutions in no less than fifteen meters.

Thunderbolt squadron Executis is inoperable. Confirmation of the Imperial Guard air assets in flight. Awaiting targets.

Equerry Shosan: The artillery is well concealed Watch Captain. Killteam Claudius will take serious fire, even a Land Raider could be tested under such conditions.

Keeper Azrakael: Claudius and his Astartes are the Called. They have yet to falter. I believe they can push on. They are in His grace.

Equerry Shosan: Yes, of course great Keeper. If I could Watch…

An alarm klaxon blares.

The camera pans to a bank of auspex adepts and their displays of the void around Nytt Hopp. Bright red diamonds begin to appear across the periphery of the display.

‘xxx*MULTIPLE WARP TRANSLATIONS*xxx’ appears across many displays.

Exterior (the void): Warp distortions give way to full translations with large brutal starships pouring out of them. The ships are bright orange and black with the sigil of The Pyre clearly displayed on each.

Interior (The Ebon Zealot): While still orderly the bridge of The Ebon Zealot gets much louder. A Deathwatch killteam enters and deploys across the bridge.

Equerry Shosan: Watch Captain, the Pyre fleet numbers sixty-two. They will make the system in three hours, their faster vessels within two hours. The Stigmartus fleet is redeploying.

Our forces cannot repel firepower of this magnitude.

Keeper Azrakael: I had not realized the sons of the Khan were so… anxious.

Equerry Shosan: Keeper…

Watch Captain Kail Vibius: Shosan.

The Watch Captain pushes Shosan aside firmly, but not offensively.

Watch Captain Kail Vibius: I will need an exact time table for the fleet to make Warp. Tell navigation I need it down to the second.


If you would Shosan Eagle-Heart?

Keeper Azrakael: You mean to keep them on the surface then Kail? Such coordination will prove to be difficult. They are at least an hour from Q14 in the best of circumstances, with the anti-aircraft emplacements and the core Stigmartus at the Tower itself…

Watch Captain Kail Vibius: We have our orders. And I have mine.

Keeper Azrakael: Your orders, Watch Captain?

Watch Captain Kail Vibius: Are mine to bear ancient one, do not press me on this. I will need your killteam prepared. If Claudius is unable to make it to Q14…

Maybe Magron will.

Without a word the hooded keeper turns on his heel and works his way down the long spiral stairs to the main bridge below. As he does so, the killteam deployed across the bridge assembles at the bottom of the stairs.

The assembled killteam is composed of a Blood Angel librarian, an Iron Priest of the Space Wolves, a Raven Guard with a viciously modified Stalker rifle, the apothecary primus from the Novamarines, an Imperial Fist killmarine, and a hooded sergeant of the Ravenwing.

Killteam Magron.



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