Deathwatch- Dawn of a New Millenium

The Abandoned

The monstrous figure moved with a speed and agility nothing so large should be capable of. The unnatural lighting of ruined chamber brought the details of ‘his’ right side.

Unusual dimensions of the figure aside, the terminator armour in view was immaculate. The metal shined black like obsidian and its shoulder pad gleamed as blood and debris fell away. The black is interrupted by the dark green and the heraldry of the First Legion, the Dark Angels.

The light of the flickering flames also illuminated a rather handsome, yet forlorn face. Atop of a patrician’s face was a perfect head of ebony hair parted to show four admantium service studs. Blue the color of a dusk sky is could be seen in ‘his’ eye. Glittering teeth were noticed as the figure shifts exposing ‘his’ full visage.

‘Melting wax with odd bits of metal sticking out’ would go far to describe the twisted condition of the former Deathwatch armour. The silver intricate work of a Deathwatch shoulder pauldron was now tarnished, shattered, and warped.

As broken as ‘his’ armour was the remainder of ‘his’ face was worse. The corruption of this hell turned ‘his’ face into a daemonic caricature of ‘his’ once stoic features. A twisted horn, a glowing yellow eye, and a collection of twisted fangs completed the nightmarish dichotomy. The rigors of this hell have ruined both the Astartes and ‘his ’ wargear. This could be anyone’s fate who was to be trapped in a hell such as this place.

“As… tar…tes?” the monstrous warrior mumbled. The members of Killteam Claudius leveled their arsenal of weapons on the approaching monster.

“In more… than nine… nine hundred years… I… I…” the warrior continued.

“Never won” the Black Shield librarian completed for the monster with his injuries easily heard in his voice. The psychic space marine tilted his head and reached out with his left gauntlet with an opened hand. As he reached out Ymir got himself to his feet slowly. His own blood covered much of his armour.

“Never. Have I finally died? Did He send you for me? Has He finally forgiven me? I was lied to. I did not… I did not know what he had done” the monstrous warrior continued as ‘he’ fell to ‘his’ knees.

Rivulets of blood began to run across the room and the room seemed to darken.

The Khorne daemons are reforming. The daemons will reform in seconds. Brother Ymir voxed the killteam. His message was breathless from his injuries, but without urgency.

“For centuries I kept his secrets, for centuries. I did not even believe it. Hundreds of years, I protected his honour for centuries. And this?” the monster’s gaze drifted off as though ‘he’ was seeing something far away. Pools of blood began to form. Muted screams seemed to come from rippling pools.

“He was a coward. He left the Truth behind. He left our brothers behind. He left Terra behind!” the monster roared as it began to rise. Ymir’s shaking thumb switched his storm bolter to fully automatic fire. Beav’Star’s multi-melta started hum louder as he charged the weapon to maximal levels. And Yarika hand loaded a bright red bolt into his custom Stalker bolt rifle. The techmarine Paullian’s auspex array began to whirl from his inverted vantage point on the ceiling as the Blood Angel Gadreel slowly closed the distance between the team and the enraged monster warrior.

Blessed bolts loaded. Target acquired. Holding sir. voxed the Raven Guard apothecary as his scope twisted to magnify the image of the monster’s head.
Six daemon targets forming. Targets acquired. Holding. voxed Paullian as six thin green targeting lasers had found their expected targets.
Focusing. Holding Brother. Ymir hissed across the vox as he used psychic senses to assess the monstrous opponent.
Charging to maximal level Claudius. I am holding. Beav’Star Sobcheck voxed as though gritting his teeth. He was.
Holding. came in growl across the vox from the barely restrained Blood Angel hero.

Squad leader Claudius I simply stood still and stared at the approaching monster. The screams grew louder and the room got even darker still.

Understood. replied Claudius.

“Nearly a millennia they locked me in this hell. Locked here to hide his lies, his betrayals, and his cowardice. Why?! Why would I do this for him? I never even knew him!” raged the monster as it stomped about the blood and bones the covered ancient floor. The rage of the monstrous Astartes seemed to make the creature larger.

“I HAVE BEEN IMPRISONED!!!” the monster bellowed and claws started to reach out from the pools of blood. The librarian, Ymir, stepped back a pace and dropped his storm bolter to the ground and unsheathed his force sword. He scanned his head from side to side.

It is possessed brothers. Whatever was Astartes suffered and died long ago. voxed Ymir to his battle brothers, the librarian’s strength seemed to be returning.

“Why? I never faltered. Stood as a captain… in the Ravenwing. I knew secrets. Secrets that I would have purged worlds to keep” the warrior monster continued loudly but controlled. ‘He’ began to slowly circle around the killteam. Claudius simply stood still as the monster passed with five meters.

“I never truly believed. I thought the secrets I protected were lies. But THIS?! HE LEFT THE TRUTH BEHIND!” the warrior screamed as it raised its sword and claw. The fury was palpable.

“The Lion would not protect his sons? His brothers? His FATHER?!” it continued. The bloodletters began to lift themselves from the blood pools. The flames around the room burned brighter and brighter.

“You! You? How did you get in here? If you… then I…” the monster growled as ‘he’ heaved. Like some ancient Terran saurian the monster’s head swept back and forth taking in its surroundings. A quaking moved across the chamber. The growls of the warrior monster and growing roars of the bloodletters signaled the end of the monologue.

“You opened the Lock? Our prison is unsecured” it stated with what could only be the possessed monster’s approximation of a smile. In a moment the warrior monster charged Claudius…



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