Deathwatch- Dawn of a New Millenium

Speaking Shadows

Speaking Shadows

The deep dark of the chamber is broken by the light of a dim star over a parsec distant. The cyan glass of the atmospheric stability alcove has a shadowy robed figure floating within. The dim green light of a handheld hololith snaps away leaving the airless chamber’s second occupant invisible.

The Heretics’ tower has been destroyed as you foresaw.

The Called massacred the Stigmartus forces?

As you foresaw. The Called are even more impressive here.

The Called slayed the Bishop and the General?

As you foresaw. The Called also dispatched the Exemplars of Murder.

And the sacrifices? Astartes’ organs, Gemma?

As you foresaw. The holy geneseed of His angels of death. Much of it survived. The Pyre has been denied. The Called have paused to gather the surviving geneseed.

The Called will find a lock. The lock secures the past. The past remembers.

The Called will open the lockā€¦

By your word, my Muzzein, I go to my work.


This should appear right after any log about Operation: Ivory Hunters

Speaking Shadows

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