Deathwatch- Dawn of a New Millenium

Session 3

The massive Ork leading the ‘ard toofs (known to us as the Gag Boss) charged Claudius’ forward position at the edge of the shrouding, to engage in melee. A wild chainaxe swing over my head created an opening in the beast’s defenses wide enough to put a meltabomb in. Claudius set the timer, and dove away while it was vaporized. Despite a frontal assault by Gadreel, the ’ard toofs stood firm, but were cut down by his excellent blade work. Despite attempts at a flanking maneuver, Gadreel was ordered to advance while these would-be tactical orks were cut down with bolter fire from Ymir, Sobchek Yarika and Claudius.

Paullian continued to manipulate the archeotech to our advantage as the transport made its descent. The Inquisitor and his team made all haste to the exfil site all the while harried by a tremendous Ork and a massive horde of greenskins in its wake. In order to more effectively make our tactical retreat, orders were given to place melta charges in the large fountain on the north-central atoll, and timed to detonate as the orks made their way south. The Greenskin leader and his hordes of followers were swifter than we had anticipated, running after the Inquisitor as if Horus himself was behind them. They bore down on Gadreel and nearly dealt him a grievous injury. The combination of Gadreel’s genehanced body, built-in pain suppressing cocktail and superior training and preparedness allowed him to shrug off a series of blows that might have felled anyone else; and cover the Inquisitor’s escape.

The Inquisitor’s conveyance had just made it over the bridge when the fuse on the melta charges blew, and we made regrouping maneuvers towards the transport, providing cover for the Inquisitor and his cohort.



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