Deathwatch- Dawn of a New Millenium

Session 2

As Claudius and Sobchek held the plaza, Yarika maintained a protective watch over Paullian as he beamed files to our vessel, made contact with the Inquisitorial team, shut down the atmospheric emitters and manipulated the archeotech so as to funnel Orks from the northern shore into our field of enfilading fire. Ymir and Gadreel entered the Atmospheric actuator and engaged the Ork commandos within. Although Ymir took some damage, he eliminated three while Gadreel had help taking care of the four commandos that surrounded him from the commando Nob he drove insane with his battle fury. Timely application of various squad modes including Tactical Spacing, Considered Defense, and Regroup allowed us to eliminate any immediate threats, to blow the manufactorum; and then to take cover while we poured fire into the advancing Ork trukks.

The ’Ard boys in the trukks were the kind that were using the cover of their more feral kin to strike key planetary installations, including the Atmospheric Actuator. We poured derision along with bolter fire on the foul xenos, as the Gag Boss made himiself known to us.


Upon my lips are songs of praise to the emperor and death upon his enemies….

I am ready for war!

Session 2

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