Deathwatch- Dawn of a New Millenium

Session 1 (redux)

Everything so far went according to Codex. Orbital drop procedures placed us in good position to execute the predetermined orders. While the plaza of the central atoll was secured, demolitions were placed on the target, and our techmarine gained access to the archeotech systems. Although all of the xenos assaulting the plaza were eliminated, even as they tried to escape, the information from the planetary cogitators suggest that there are still targets in the atmospheric regulation building. Ymir and Gadreel have been sent to eliminate potential threats; while Yarika and Paullian continue their task in the administratum building. Sobchek and Claudius will maintain overwatch in the central plaza, and remain in vox contact with our orbital surveillance to monitor any new or continuing threats, as well as the progress of the Inquisitor and his team. For the Emperor.


What I would like to happen next is:

  • Paullian gains control of the atoll connection bridges and manipulates them to our satisfaction
  • We blow the manufactorum up, and set up the LZ
  • Ymir and Gadreel sweep and clear the Atmospheric building

If possible, I would prefer to blow the manufactorum after we manipulate the bridges. Any local orks will come to investigate the explosion. I would prefer the LZ to be as defended as possible before that occurs. Once the Manufactorum is destroyed, we will entrench around it, and eliminate any Orks that come into view.
After the sweep and clear mission is through, Ymir, Gadreel and Yarika will use their jump packs to provide a localized escort for the Inquisitor. Remember, Yarika, I want detailed info about our allies.

Session 1 (redux)

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