Deathwatch- Dawn of a New Millenium


>>>>> Data-file 01001011- Covert Data Collection Operation Gamma One Debriefing- Classified Occularis<<<<<

+"Advance your account until your own encounters with team Claudius begins"+

“Yes Magos Juris.”

“We moved into the secured chambers and found power somehow restored and all vents and entrances on secure lockout cycle. The Astartes squad were giants amongst us, most in tactical dreadnought armor Mk-4. The Crow was in a stealth field applying medical aid to the Blood Angel. The Jovian was performing auguries when incoming Tyranid forces were detected through the port hatch. Claudius must have issued some unheard command because his squad began moving to engage in Codex support pattern A. The Jovian re-powered the hatch, with the emergency Januas blessing, then withdrew unhurriedly while that heavy-armed Terminator Devastator cut down waves of Xenos with thunderous efficiency, Magos.”

“We remained, observing from a safe distance in the secured area when a klaxon suddenly issued from the Jovian and his implanted holographics projected a dire red symbol of warning on the door adjacent to our position. Another green cog marker was projected across the deck and I hurried my team to it. The Jovian moved swiftly past us, extending mechadendria to form a shield before the augered threat. I saw his systems charge past maximal, shield and breaching auger blazed white as the hatch cycled open. We could not track the movements of the Xenos, nor know how many came against him but shield and auger flashed and thundered as servo pincers and flamers dissected and cremated huge chunks of chitinous remains. Joined by the Blood Angel, they advanced, suppressing plasma blasts and bolter streams lighting their way, until his mechadendrites could interface with the hatch. With the hatch thus shut and disabled he strode away saying only, “Have care little brothers, they do not knock.

“He strode through that first port hatch, which has been efficiently secured and cleared by his squad. My team made haste to disable the controls on all of the other doors immediately after.”

+"He did not know you Genetor?"+

“I do not believe so. I was well concealed, in my robes, from senses and sensors, Magos.”

+"You had a chance to observe them further at missions end, correct? Resume there"+

“Magos, The Apothecary signaled they had secured the generators, cogitator core, and purged the ship of Xenos. We advanced to their forward position.”

“I can not begin to impart the numbers and variations of Tyranid corpses that filled that room. Monsters of nightmare and some capable of swallowing an Astates in Terminator armor whole. One appeared to have perhaps made that mistake. I can’t be sure until further study. The Blood Angel and Librarian were covered in gore and laughed grimly with each other at some jest. I could not bring myself to approach closer to them in their dark humour. And there were . . creatures there, perhaps best forgotten. Yes. I take comfort in only having seen them already destroyed. Lord, I have seen Astartes about their work before, but this was only minutes from when we embarked. They strode from there, that place of death, and they were but lightly injured as they returned . . none could see this and not know them to be something other than mortal. For truly, what other than the Omnissiah’s own true and pure Angels of Death could cleanse that ship? It seems they employed advanced tactics that somehow bewildered Tyranids. If I could have more time to study them! They accomplished in minutes what. . "

+"Enough! You have been reassigned to my command and will desist from your previous ‘studies’. What of the sensor logs from the cyberskull’s hidden datacore?"+

“Apparently detected and purged by the Jovian, Lord. We later detected and disabled mysterious vox broadcasts coming from the skull after we attempted to access the files. It became necessary to remove it to another location entirely.”

+"I suppose that might be expected. Where are my records from the Vox tap I ordered, Genetor?"+

“Lord, I regret to report they are mysteriously absent.”

+"No! You cannot mean to tell me that a secure locked bridge terminal was somehow accessed and that records were removed under the nose of you and no less than twenty assorted adepts, pilots and my personnel security detail by lumbering Astartes in full Terminator armor?!"+

“Well if it was, Lord, they did not knock.”



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