Deathwatch- Dawn of a New Millenium

Olympicus the Traitor

Olympicus III of Ultramar

Great Hero of the Tyrannic Wars, Slayer of Wazzadakka, the White Incubi, the Necron Host of Menes II, and the Midnight Exarch, Guardian at the Gate, Honour Guard Captain, and… Traitor.

For his larceny and blasphemy upon the Great Storehouses, for murders of nine Ultramarines, for assault of thirty-seven Ultramarines, for larceny and wanton destruction upon the Thunderhawk of the Third Company, for the murder of seven other Astartes, and for the assault of over more than forty other Astartes, Olympicus III of Ultramar has been stricken from the record, all award recinded, all monument clast, from now to the end Olympicus III of Ultramar is vulgar and fallen.

From now to the end all Sons of Guilliman are charged to bring death to the traitor at any opportunity.



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